Chapter 2 – Gonorrhoea or the Beach?

1st September 2016 I’ve been living in an Air B and B apartment on Rua Djalma Ulrich, Copacobana for the past couple of weeks. I was sharing the apartment with my new friend Ed but he spent a lot of nights at his girlfriends apartment across town. When he was out Lais the girl IContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Gonorrhoea or the Beach?”

Floyd Mayweather Took my Phone and Money in Rio de Janeiro

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather stole my phone and owes me a Cheeseburger Yes the head of The Money Team, Mr 49-0 ruined my dreams and stole my phone and money in clear day light in Rio de Janeiro. Sounds crazy right but let me tell you what happened. Firstly, if you don’t know exactly who FloydContinue reading “Floyd Mayweather Took my Phone and Money in Rio de Janeiro”

Finding Myself – Rising Up and Back on my Feet

Finding myself – Turns out I was in Central America all along I landed in Havana, Cuba around 8pm and had arranged to meet my fellow comedian and top friend James Beatty at a bar in Old Havana. I had no money, no map, no lonely planet, no wifi, no hope. I arrived at theContinue reading “Finding Myself – Rising Up and Back on my Feet”

The Aftermath Part 1- I am the Tortoise

Hello again! I thought it’s time for an update as I have not written anything since 2016. Firstly if you did not know by now I had the best news of my entire life so far on December 12th at 3:15pm. I was given the all clear from Cancer by Dr Wheater at Southampton hospital.Continue reading “The Aftermath Part 1- I am the Tortoise”