Af Marseh has spent the majority of his career managing international sports events, such as the last three summer Olympic Games, FIFA International football matches and the Special Olympics. Outside of his working career, Af has pursued a life of challenge and adventure. Challenges including running four marathons, cycling from London to Paris in three days, completing the British Three Peaks challenge on three occasions, driving a three-wheeled tuk-tuk the length of India in the Rickshaw Rally, and taking six young people from London on a twelve-day expedition to the mountains of Nepal. Af also starred on The Chase TV Gameshow losing £36,000.

From 2012- 2016 Af was regularly on the stand-up comedy circuit of London, Essex and parts of the UK gigging 3-5 times per week. Af took a break from comedy to move to Brazil for the Rio 2016 Olympics before being diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer. Since receiving the all-clear Af has worked in Abu Dhabi, Japan and Turkmenistan, as well as travelling for pleasure across the USA, Australia, Russia and many parts of Asia and Europe.

Af’s enjoys public speaking, event management, social media and relationship building. Af set up a TikTok channel in October 2021, which went on to have many viral videos and a rising number of 12,000 followers. Af’s @YouGotThis_Af TikTok channel has been featured in tabloid newspapers, national radio stations and internet blog websites massing over 10 million views.  

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