Excuse me, your dog is humping my dog

Dear Fans (still 99 of you), I’ve taken a week off from writing this week. Since submitting to a dozen agents two Fridays ago I needed a break from what has been an intense period. I have had 2 No’s so far from those agents. To be discussed another time, but I’m totally fine withContinue reading “Excuse me, your dog is humping my dog”

Book updates: Getting closer

Dear Fans (still 98 of you), The starter engine is a bit slow this morning so I thought writing this blog would be a good warm up for the book edits that I should be doing instead. We’ve had some positive news lately regarding the book. Many in fact. I don’t share as I goContinue reading “Book updates: Getting closer”

Tokyo Olympics – What do you actually do?

After two weeks of bubble to bubble quarantining from my hotel room to the Olympic Boxing venue I was a free man to walk the streets of Tokyo. However, the Olympic Games were now just days away and the hours of work increases so there is not much free time at all. One part ofContinue reading “Tokyo Olympics – What do you actually do?”